Bags of 12

Our picks sold in bags must be purchased in minimum quantities of 12 picks per pack (picks come in a small zip lock bag as shown). We do not sell single picks or different assortments. If you would still like to purchase our older bags of 36, we can still provide these for you, please just inquire.

Bag of Picks

6-slot Plastic Box Displays

We now have one single size box to hold individual picks. These display boxes have 6 available compartments. Each compartment holds 1 quarter gross (36) picks. 6 slot boxes are available for $1 with all 6 compartments full.

Rotary 6-Pack Clamshell Displays

Each rotary clamshell display holds 24 rotary 6-pack clamshells. Rotary clamshell displays are available free with a full display of rotary clamshell's. Mix and match 6 packs of clamshell's!

Pick Fish Bowl

Can holds a large assortment of picks! Typically comes with 360 pick random assortment.